What is the Active 20-30 Club?

Active 20-30 International had its beginnings in 1922 when young men in two widely separated communities of the United States saw the need for a service club for young men. They found that established service clubs were dominated by older men, run by older men, and whose officers were invariably much older men. These pioneers of young men’s service clubs simultaneously created two virtually identical clubs: the Active International, located in Aberdeen, Washington, and 20-30 International formed in Sacramento, California.

Both the International and Active International Associations were charter members of the World Council of Young Men’s Service Clubs (WOCO). John Armenia, Joe Crowe and Arnie Scheldt of Active and Dr. James Vernetti, Henry Heyl and Ray Fletcher of 20-30 were among those who fostered the World Council movement up to its formal beginning in 1945 (See WOCO information).

The local Active 20-30 Club of Bakersfield was founded in 1928. Our chapter is geared towards men in their 20’s and 30’s. The club’s objective is to serve the community while building lasting relationships and rendering service to youth.

Active 20-30 membership draws from all professions and is open to everyone within the age qualifications.Our organization differs from many other service organizations in that not only do we raise money for needy charities, but also insist upon “hands-on” interaction. This active participation serves to solidify our personal relationships with those we serve, maintains motivation, and produces a high degree of personal satisfaction.

If you would like to learn more about our organization please visit our local web site www.active2030.org

Active 20-30 Members

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